Instructions for Custom Orders

We can make just about any size mattress or replacement pad.  It depends on your needs while taking safety into account.  You would not want to get a high mattress for a bed that does not have very high rails or sides and risk the baby falling or climbing out.  Also, will the baby be on the mattress for an extended period of time? Will it be used primarily for play or sleep?  Take all these things into consideration when thinking about thickness or height. Each piece is custom made by hand so please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your item(s). Once the items are ship, you will receive a tracking#. Please note that in most cases, the fabric items (mattress cover, sheets, etc) will ship separately from the latex core which is shipped directly from our supplier. Because our mattresses are made in the order they are received, we are unable to expedite orders.


After you have determined the thickness you need, send the exact length, width and thickness to us via the form below.  We will respond within 48 hours with a quote.

What if I need to replace a really unusual or odd shaped mattress or pad?

Yes, we can make that too! If you need a custom stroller pad, cradle pad or other that requires odd dimensions we will need a template of the shape. In most cases you can use the same thickness as the original but we can make recommendations if needed.

You can use a large piece of paper such as a piece of newspaper or other and draw a template around the mattress or pad. This will ensure that the mattress will be made to fit. We will instruct you where to send the template.